Friends or you can call them your family, holds a very important position in your life. They stand behind you in your every decision and try their best to make you happy. On their anniversary, it is your duty to make them feel satisfied and special. But the question is, how will you do that?

You are at the right place if you are planning something special for your friend on his/her anniversary. Here we are with some of the best anniversary status for friend that you can share as much as you want on the anniversary of your friend.

Anniversary Status for Friends:

I can’t believe you guys are having an anniversary already! I remember your wedding like it was yesterday. I’m so happy to see that your love has grown so much since that day. You are my role models for sure. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

Marriage is not a piece of cake, but you make it look so natural and beautiful. I wish every couple to be as understanding and loving as you are. Your connection is everything. Stay like this forever. Congratulations on your anniversary!

I’m so happy for you, guys! I’ve never seen such a perfect match. I know that your love will last forever, and I will always be there to celebrate it. Your lives are connected in the most magical way. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Who would’ve thought that you guys will last for so long? Just kidding, I knew that. You are a match made in heaven, and nothing can change the way you two are connected. Don’t you dare to lose this connection. Happy anniversary!

Your love gives me hope every morning when I wake up. I know that if something like this exists, magic is real. Anything can happen. Thank you for making me believe in magic. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

Who would’ve thought that you guys will be together for this long? Just kidding, don’t hit me! You are such a great couple. I’m just jealous of your everlasting love. May it be like this forever. Congratulations on your anniversary!

My favourite couple is having a wedding anniversary! I couldn’t be happier for you guys. Your love is my biggest inspiration, and thanks to you, I still believe that true feelings exist. Congratulations, so much more to come.

I’m so lucky to know such a fantastic couple as you guys. I admire your marriage, and you are my role models when it comes to relationships. Wishing you many years of understanding and supporting each other. Congratulations! 

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Such a beautiful day to remind you that you are a match made in heaven. I admire your relationship. I wish you an eternity full of love and understanding. 

Days like this remind us of how it is important to find someone who loves you. For me, you are the example of true love. I’m so happy for you both. Congratulations on your anniversary. Love you very much! 

It seems like you never get tired of each other because you’re not only beloved spouses, but also good friends. It’s very important in family relationships. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

You two are like a dream couple, because you always listened to your heart, and you never gave up on each other no matter what. And that is something not all people can do! Happy anniversary!

Your relationship is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I’m proud to have you as my friends, I’m proud of being next to you on such a beautiful occasion, all I wanted to say is a happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary to the best friends a person could ask for! We wish you lots of patience together and even more happiness and joy, good luck on your further journey!

Love and affection have created a strong bond between you two and hold you together for many years. I’m sure it will last forever. Carry on keeping each other in your hearts—happy wedding anniversary for you both.

anniversary status for friend

The sky has blessed you with an everlasting love!It is a pure joy to know you and be around you!

Let your life be full of support, care and genuine love forever,It is a great pleasure to congratulate such a beautiful and happy couple.Happy anniversary!

This is a big day for you both, and it’s a pleasure to solute you both on this significant occasion. I wish you a peaceful, beautiful life, with lots of magical moments!

You though it will get worse when you both were down, but with each other’s help you both got up, didn’t leave each other, and today you are celebrating your …th anniversary, I’m proud of you!

I remember when you thought it is impossible to be in love, you both were so broken, but now, look at you, years together, I’m so proud of you, you deserve to be happy!

You truly deserve to be happy and to make it this long, I’m so proud of you, and I hope you go a long way together, it’s been years now. Make the next ones even more special than the ones who have passed, happy anniversary!

Fate has merged your destinies, and on this special day, I wish that happiness, love, prosperity always follow you in your married life.

May your marriage be blessed with joy, harmony and love. You completed one year today—happy 1st anniversary.

Dear friends, one more year you‘ve spent as husband and wife. The warmest wishes for this sweet occasion! May you celebrate your love forever and ever!

Congratulations, my dear friends, you had entered your marriage a year ago. Today I would like to wish that your love and care for each other grows stronger with every passing year!

Remember the day then you met each other and cherish your love for each other. May you have many more sweet days, full of love!

Today is a good time to look back, go through your memory lane, remembering all that wonderful time which you have spent together. Happy anniversary.

It was an exclusive year for you, full of good emotions, love and care for each other. It’s important to maintain it in the future, and this is what I wish you!

It is a great blessing for the people to find each other and live in such harmony. Carry on in the same way and have a long and happy life!

Best wishes on this special day, may your marriage stay durable and indestructible for many years to come!

friend anniversary status

I am sending love and good wishes to some of our very favourite people.

Warm anniversary wishes to two dear friends who mean so much.

The two of you have your reasons to celebrate on your anniversary, and as your friend, I have so many reasons to celebrate you both.

It’s so cool that two of my favourite people are married to each other. Here’s to [two] great years and many more!

This is what happens when marathon runners get married. You’ve built a love made to go the distance!

You two are so great to know and be around. Can you adopt me?

Thinking of you and all the good times we’ve shared. So glad you’re in our lives.

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been [three] whole years since I saw you take the floor for your first dance together as man and wife. Not even your adorable dancing-machine flower girl could steal the spotlight from the two of you.

There are lots of quotes about lasting love, but few couples who seem to do it as well as you.

Happy anniversary to the most excellent people with the heart like a garden, we’re most jealous of!

So going out to a great restaurant? Huh? Can I come? Just kidding, Happy, successful 1 year of your anniversary.

No marriage is perfect, but if ever a couple came close, it’s you two.

The two of you have seen challenges this year, and you’ve met each one together. Celebrating that today!

Time out from real life to celebrate you and your love.

You two mean so much to us. Thinking of you with love.

wedding anniversary status for friend

Whatever life brings, love can handle it. Have a wonderful anniversary.

With all that’s going on, here’s hoping you find some time for each other on your anniversary.

You two clearly took that ‘for better or worse’ thing to heart. Wishing you lots of better in the year ahead.

Wishing you a moment or two to celebrate you.

I still have a good feeling about you two.

Expressing your emotions on some special days like anniversaries will have a positive impact on your relationship and as well as on your friendship. All you have to do is to send some of the cute, romantic, and funny friend anniversary statuses to him/her on the anniversary. These wedding anniversary statuses for a friend will help you a lot in conveying your message that you have for your friend and can’t confront in person.

There are some things that you can’t express in front of your friend like how much you love and care for him/her, especially when your friends are funny. So, to prevent awkwardness, you can pick and send the anniversary status for best friend given above. If you are getting this much for absolutely free, then what are you waiting for? Don’t miss a single opportunity to make your friend feel special and share these statuses with your friend on his/her special day as much as you can.

Marriage Anniversary Status for Friend:

Remember, love, endures all things.

Happy Anniversary to a couple who’s wished nothing but the best, always.

When you’ve got a strong love like yours, you can make it through anything. So many who admire you are honouring you today.

May your marriage be blessed with laughter, joy, cheer, and a lot of cheerful moments. Happy Wedding Anniversary friend.

Happy Wedding Anniversary. May your love and care grow stronger every passing year, and may nothing come in between you two.

Watching the two of you is so inspiring. You are one of the most beautiful couples I have been honoured to meet and know. Happy Anniversary.

True love brought you together and gave you all these happy years in your life. Happy Wedding Anniversary, my favourite couple.

I wish your love only grows stronger every day, and you have lovely years of marriage for a long time—happy Marriage Anniversary, dear friend.

My favourite couple in the world is having their wedding anniversary, and I cannot be happier more—much Love.

The freshness of your love and affection is undoubtedly meant to last forever. Happy 1st wedding anniversary. May God bless your love forever.

I wish you nothing but a peaceful, happy married life with tons of magical moments. Happy Wedding Anniversary, my dearest friend.

May, the love between you, bring lots of joy! Happy wedding anniversary!

Congratulations on another year of love, laughter, and happiness. Here’s to wishing you many more and a happy anniversary.

Your most significant accomplishment is staying married for this long. Achievement unlocked my friend. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Wishing you the best anniversary ever on this special day. May you have an inseparable bond of love throughout your marriage.

marriage anniversary status for friend

On this special day of wedding anniversary, I wish you more years of affection, support, and unlimited romance. Warm Hugs.

Congratulations, You two are made for each other. May this anniversary, be the best one for you.

You two have found each other and proved yourself as an example of true love surviving the test of time. Happy wedding anniversary, my friend.

Congratulations on wearing the marriage ring and bearing the suffering for another year successfully. Happy Wedding Anniversary, my dearest friend.

You two have been able to help each other through all the ups and downs in life, and I salute you for that. Have a long and lovely married life.

I admire and respect the two of you for your commitment to your marriage. You are an exemplary couple, and I am blessed and honoured to be your friend. Happy Anniversary.

I wish you all the best as you begin another year of your lives together.

May your love continue to be the light that illuminates your lives, giving you hope for years to come. Happy anniversary.

Another year of being together. You guys rock! Stay in love with each other. Happy Anniversary!

Anniversaries are days to celebrate the love that makes your marriage great. Wishing you still more dreams come true, more joy, more love for both of you.

You get better with each passing year, and I pray that you have many more years together. Happy Anniversary Friend.

Each year of marriage is very special and unique, and the soul sings anthems of love. We wish you to hear this divine music forever!

Happy anniversary! May the ever-growing days be the testimony of your love for each other.

You are a match made in heaven and every second of this beautiful day reminds me of that. Happy Wedding Anniversary, my friend.

All these years of your marriage teach us a lot about love and relationship. Have a great Wedding Anniversary dearest inspirational couple. I wish nothing but best for you two.

wedding anniversary status for friend

I know if I ever want to know anything about love and commitment, I must talk to you guys as your marriage is a beautiful example. Happy Wedding Anniversary favourites.

Destiny has brought you together, and you are honouring it by loving each other unconditionally and wishing you a lovable wedding anniversary, my friend.

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow. Make it memorable!

Happy anniversary to you. May your exemplary marriage continue to spread the radiance of love and wisdom to all who know you.

Why are you two still together up to now? Maybe God thinks that you are the perfect match. Happy anniversary!

Always treasure your partner and know the best is yet to come. Happy anniversary dear.

May you have many more chapters to this love story.

Lovely anniversary wishes to a lovely couple.

Yours is a love that is built to last. Congratulations!

Enjoy your wonderful journey together!

You are a blessing to each other, I have never seen a couple so perfectly matched and so in love, wishing you a happy anniversary.

Life is a journey, and nothing makes that adventure more thrilling than sharing it with the person you love most in life. Make your anniversary a memorable one.

Someday, I hope that I can find the type of love in my life that you have found in each other. Your relationship is truly an inspiration. Happy anniversary!

Yours is a love we all dream of. Happy anniversary my lovely friends!! May your marriage continue to prosper forever.

When I see you together, my day becomes a whole lot brighter. The sun comes out from behind the clouds, and I know that true love really exists. Happy anniversary!

anniversary status for best friend

Once in a lifetime life gives a fairy tale. I know happy ever after exists by being blessed to witness your loving marriage.

To another year of sharing sunsets and dreams. Happy anniversary.

Love is a friendship set to music. And you two seem to love the band! Congrats!

Best Wishes to a beautiful couple! May the freshness of your love remain in your hearts forever.

Marriage is a lifelong melody sung by two hearts completely surrendered to another. Love is your song, lived each day.

The Anniversary day is a special day for a couple, and especially when it is your friend’s, then it is your job to make it memorable. There are a few specific things that everyone plans like cakes, candles, throwing parties, and much more, but there is something way above than this. Before doing any of these, first of all, wish him/her a very happy anniversary and send your sweet words to him/her when the clock hits 12.

Be cool and send love messages to your friend on their anniversary to strengthen your friendship. Other than this, the captions above for Facebook, for Whatsapp, and for Instagram will help you in showing your friend how deeply you care about him/her.

If you want to express your feelings or emotions publicly, then you can also post these statuses to your Instagram story, Whatsapp status, and Fb status. Sending long/short wedding anniversary stories or statuses directly to your friend or posting them on social media will make your friend’s anniversary day memorable for him/her.

These statuses in English will give water to the roots of your relationship and will make it healthier. A healthy relationship means a long-lasting relationship. It is a golden opportunity for you to express what is inside your heart by sending these statuses to him/her. You can send these statuses above as much as you want and on any social platform, you want. What are you waiting for? Go and wish him/her before everyone.

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