A wedding is a life-changing event that holds a special place in the heart of couples and the wedding anniversary reminds them of all the good moments that the couple has spent together. A wedding anniversary re-ignite the flame of love between them. It does not matter whether it is the first anniversary or the 50th, it fills the heart of the pair with great enthusiasm. So it is someone’s marriage anniversary is upcoming and you are searching for such kind of wishes that can make this day memorable then you should not worry because you are on the right page.

We have listed some best kind of golden anniversary wishes, messages, and quotes that you can use to wish your closed ones like husband, wife, daughter, son, brother, sister, boss, and parents. So without any delay send these nice lines to your favorite people.

50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes:

In this section, we have listed the world’s best golden wedding anniversary wishes that can convey your true feelings towards your dear ones. These happy 50th wedding anniversary wishes are the best that we have collected from all over the internet. You can use these 50th wedding anniversary sayings to putting a WhatsApp story, Facebook story, and Instagram story.

Wishing you a happy 50th wedding anniversary. Thank you for making me smile and feel loved always.

You two are the perfect pair. Happy 50th Anniversary. May God bless you.

I hope the upcoming years are happier and merrier than the last 50 years. Happy 50th Anniversary.

50th-wedding-anniversary-wishesI cannot even imagine love could be this good, but you two prove it to me day in and day out. Happy 50th Anniversary! May the Lord bless you.

Dear parents, sending you my warm wishes on your lovely 50th Anniversary. I hope you get to spend the next 50 years together by each other’s side. I love you two so much.

Nobody does it better than you two, happy 50th-anniversary dears! May you have every ounce of happiness.

Happy golden jubilee, my loving husband! You and I are destined to be each other’s forever, so may we get to spend another 50 years together!

May God continue to bless the love in your hearts and your life together with an ever-deepening faith. Best Wishes on your 50th anniversary!

My darling, fifty years with you passed in a blink of an eye because every moment spent with you was happening and memorable! Happy Golden Anniversary to you!

Thank you for showcasing a love that grows; it is inspiring and alluring! Happy 50th Anniversary.

first wedding anniversary wishes for friend Beautiful 50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Sending you warm love and hugs on your Anniversary. May the love keep on growing. Happy Anniversary, dears.

People should learn from you how to stick by for the better, the worse, and the long haul. Happiest 50th Anniversary.

I love how you two love doing life with each other, obviously you are my favorite pair! Happy 50th Anniversary to you two. Sending you lots of love and prayers.

Happy Golden Anniversary to you my love! It was a great pleasure to spend fifty years of my life with a kind, humble and loving man like you!

Thank you for making marriage so perfect. 50 is just not a number. It showcases all the love, admiration, memories, and tough calls. Happy Anniversary here is to another 50 years.

As you reflect back on the 50 years of your marriage, may every memory bring a smile to your faces and strength for another 50 years together. Happy Golden Anniversary!

That magical number 50, It shows the love and commitment, That shines Golden for both of you. We wish you a Happy Golden Anniversary!

It takes 50 years to turn marriage into gold. Wish you maintain this warmth and never turn cold!! Happy wedding anniversary!

God has truly smiled on you through these 50 years, and I’m glad that you sought His wisdom and guidance each day of your marriage. May God continue to bless all the days of your lives together.

It’s called a Golden Anniversary because your marriage is a bright and shining example of how to stay committed and in love year after year.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Greetings:

This section contains the awesome 50th wedding anniversary greetings that you can share with your favorite couple. These golden jubilee wedding anniversary greetings will show your true inner feelings towards them. Spread love and happiness around the couples with the help of these lines. So, without any delay, just pick the best one and send it to them.

Thank you for living out God’s intention for marriage, showing unconditional love and commitment to each other day after day for 50 beautiful years.

Fifty years is an amazing milestone, and the two of you deserve every moment of happiness your marriage has brought. Thank you for being an inspiration to all married couples.

You pledged devotion to each other on your wedding day 50 years ago, and you have kept your promise to love and cherish one another faithfully. A beautiful marriage and happy life have been your reward.

Bands of precious gold have encircled your fingers for 50 amazing years as precious as the love that has encircled your hearts. You deserve the complete happiness that such a relationship has brought you.

Today your marriage is truly golden, a shining illustration of how to win at love. Happy 50th anniversary!

Fifty years of holding the same hands, kissing the same lips, and sharing the same hearts is a blessing to each other and to the family you have built together. Thank you for your faithfulness.

You have spent 50 years on this journey called marriage. And although there were twists and turns, rocky places, and times of darkness, you persevered. Love has been and continues to be your great reward.

Gold represents this anniversary because it is precious, shining, and pure just like the love you have shared for 50 years. Congratulations on reaching this monumental milestone.

You are a match made in heaven and God is smiling on you today as you celebrate 50 years of faithful love and sacrifice for each other.

Marriage is a beautiful dance. Sometimes you lead, and other times you follow. Sometimes you dip and twirl, and other times you just hold each other tight barely moving at all. Congratulations on dancing for 50 years!

golden anniversary wishes

Your marriage has been the perfect blend of give and take, each of you willing to put the other first. As a result, 50 years of love and laughter have been completed today. May there be many more.

The sincerity of your love and the joy you express in giving it make you an inspiration for generations to come. Fifty years is an awe-inspiring feat of love, and I wish you many more years together.

Gold symbolizes strength and prosperity, two things you have definitely been examples of over these 50 years of marriage. May God continue to strengthen and prosper you each day.

Through 50 golden years, you have learned to cherish the good times and minimize the bad times. The love you share is an incredible accomplishment of enduring love. May it always be so.

After 50 years, you are still lovebirds, and I hope that your love nest stays filled with happiness for many years to come.

The beauty of love lies in the heart, and you have gazed into each others’ hearts for 50 years. May we all be so blessed to find a love as beautiful and enduring as yours.

The wealthiest people own gold, and your 50 golden years have made you rich beyond measure. Congratulations!

It is rare that we get to wish someone a happy 50th wedding anniversary, but you are one of those special couples who has made it to this extraordinary milestone. Wishing you great happiness on this wonderful occasion.

It’s been 50 years, and you’re just getting started! Have a wonderful anniversary!

Fifty years with no regrets; seems to me that’s as good as it gets!

50th Wedding Anniversary Messages:

If you want to wish your favourite couple, then you can use any golden wedding anniversary messages from the below. We assure you these happy 50th wedding anniversary message will surely make them happy and cheerful. You can also add your thoughts to make these messages more personal and send these messages to them via SMS or any social media networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Through fifty years of wedded bliss, you’ve begun each day with a heartfelt kiss. Thank you for being a lasting example of love.

Fifty years ago, she became your wife for life, and you have been her devoted spouse. You two are still the cutest couple around.

“I can’t tell you how often I’m inspired by the love you two share together. Sending you all my well wishes for the coming years.”

“You have been a good example to us as a family and as your children. Your unity gives us the courage to face our trials in life. Happy 50th Anniversary!”

“A very happy 50th wedding anniversary to both of you. Keep on looking adorable as you age together. Congratulations!”

“Here’s wishing you all the very best on your 50th anniversary. I/We wish you many more years of fun, enjoyment, happiness, and good health. Congratulations!”

“You both inspire me every day to be the best version of myself that I can be and to always treat those I love with respect and kindness. Best wishes for the years ahead.”

“It’s so many years later and yet the two of you are still the perfect example of what a happy, blissful marriage looks like. Thank you for always being my shining example. Best wishes for your anniversary.”

“Wishing you a happy anniversary, a happy marriage, and many years of good health to enjoy it with!”

“Sending you my well wishes and congratulations as you show us all what it means to build a wonderful marriage.”

50th wedding anniversary wishes

“I wish to congratulate both of you on your golden anniversary. May your matrimonial home be filled with lots of love and happiness! Congratulations to the most amazing couple ever!”

“My dear parents, you are showing us that “happily ever after” does come true. May your anniversary be filled with many precious moments as you celebrate a marriage filled with Love.”

There’s plenty of choice in this bundle of 50th wedding anniversary messages. Whether you’re choosing a profound message for the love of your life or a couple important to you, this selection is sure to give you the perfect option.

“We took our marriage vows 50 years ago. Darling, please let the love in our marriage continue ’til death do us part. Happy anniversary!”

“You are the most amazing partner—any [woman/man] would be happy to have you in their life. Congratulations and happy wedding anniversary!”

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the wonderful support you have given me, and for staying with me for 50 years without strife. Happy 50th wedding anniversary!”

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the wonderful support you have given me, and for staying with me for 50 years without strife. Happy 50th wedding anniversary!”

“On our anniversary, I’m reminded that I love you more with every year passes. I’m your lady and you’re my man – nothing can come between us.”

“Both of you made us proud today for being a good example to upcoming couples. Congratulations and Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!”

“I’m super excited to see you celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. May you continue to have peace as you grow old together—congratulations!”

50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes:

If you are wondering what kind of golden anniversary quotes you should to send your dear ones then you should not worry about this, because we are here for your help. For this, we have mentioned some best funny 50th-anniversary quotes which will put a smile on their faces. So, go with these 50th marriage anniversary quotes and make their day special.

  1. “Heartiest congratulations as you celebrate your golden anniversary. I wish you lots of love and happiness in your married life as you grow old together.”

  2. “I’m sending you lots of love, thoughtful wishes, and happiness during this amazing milestone in your married life. Please accept my heartfelt wishes.”

  3. “Happy golden anniversary to the #1 couple in the world. I am looking forward to celebrating your next fifty years of marriage with you. Happy anniversary!”

May every moment spent together bring a smile to your faces and strength for more 50 years together. Happy Golden Anniversary!

That magical number 50 Is special as it shows the love and commitment. it shines Golden for both of you. We wish you a Happy Golden Anniversary!

happy 50th wedding anniversary wishes

It takes 50 years to turn marriage into gold! Happy wedding anniversary!

50 years and still going strong is a great achievement. Keep loving each other like day one. Many more to come. Happy 50th Anniversary.

Today your marriage has completed half-century, With all the love and sanctity! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

I wish you and your marriage partner all the very best that life has to offer. Congratulations!

What is more important in life than having a partner who is caring, tolerant, and loving? I wish you more blissful years of success and love in your married life.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Quotes:

In this section, we are listing here some good kind of golden wedding anniversary quotes that you can send to special friends. These quotes are not mere for wish but these will deliver a great message towards them to do better in their future. These quotes will show them how much you are love them. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick the best one from below and send it.

We wonder how you came about a love so worthy and thoughtful with whom to live the rest of your life. Congrats.

Happy golden anniversary to the #1 couple in the world. I am looking forward to celebrating the next fifty years of marriage with you. Happy anniversary!

Mom and Dad, you both are an inspiration to us all. You have taught us that love must be taken care of with respect, care and forgiveness. Happy 50th Anniversary!

Mama, Papa your 50th wedding anniversary gave me thousands of sweet memories that you provided me in my life. You both made my life full of happiness and blessings. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary.

My parents, you are my treasure and my ultimate love in this world. Without you, I wouldn’t have understood the maning of true love. I am delighted at the moment of your 50th anniversary. Happy 50 anniversary Mom and Dad!

golden wedding anniversary wishes

I think your marriage is finally safe. The statistics of divorce for couples who make it 50 years is almost zero. So, the next 50 should be easy.

You guys are an inspiration for anyone looking for a great example of commitment.You guys have to be glass-half-full types of people since your marriage has lasted so long. In terms of time, you are century-half-full types of people.

If you had a penny for every year you were together, you’d have 50 cents. And I think you’ll need a lot more than that to earn a living. You better keep earning!

At this point, you each deserve an honorary Ph.D in the study of each other.When you first get married, it’s difficult to imagine being married for 50 years to the same person. You two are a shining example of this accomplishment. Congratulations!

Togetherness is key for a happy marriage as you celebrate 50 years of married life.Many congratulations on 50 years of happily married life together.


So, this was the best collection of golden jubilee marriage anniversary wishes, messages, quotes for your loved ones like a father(Dad), mother(Mom), uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, etc. Hope you and your close one would love this collection. It’s doesn’t matter what the way you have chosen these 50th wedding anniversary Shayari will deliver your same feelings.

From us, we wish your dear ones a very happy 50th wedding anniversary. If you have any other experience you may share it with us in the comment section below.

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