Whether it is your first anniversary or 50th it always holds a special place in the hearts. It is like a festival that gives you a chance to wish your favorite couple a happy first anniversary. If you also want to wish any couple or your partner, then you do not have to worry. You just have to send some good wishes that show your care and love towards them.

For this, we have listed some best 1st happy anniversary wishes and 1st-year anniversary messages that you can send to your mother(mom), father(dad), brother, and sister. These first marriage anniversary wishes will help you to show your love and gratitude towards them. So what are waiting for just pick the best 1st year wedding anniversary wish and send it to them?

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes:

To Wish on the 1st wedding anniversary to your favorite couple is always important. So, that’s why we have listed some best first happy anniversary wishes that you would love to share with your brother, sister, son, and daughter. These 1st wedding anniversary wishes will help you to show your love and care towards them. So, why are you delaying? Just copy any best line from the below and send it to anyone on their anniversary day.

One year down, many more to go. Happy Anniversary to a truly lovely couple!

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary! The love you have for each other couldn’t be more obvious. Keep that shit up.

Hope you enjoy the first of many, many wedding anniversaries. You two deserve the best, and you found it in each other.

You guys have always made a great couple, and now you make a great married couple. Happy 1st Anniversary!

One wonderful girl + one wonderful guy = one wonderful marriage. Happy One-Year Anniversary, you two!

Happy 1st Anniversary, you two! They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, but you guys made it look easy.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to a beautiful couple. Keep making everyone jealous with your perfect relationship, guys.Happy Anniversary, you two!

May the happiness of these early days of your marriage continue to grow in the years ahead. Happy 1st wedding anniversary!

You guys have always been, and will always be, the cutest couple.

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband. It’s been a year since we walked down the aisle, and I’m still not sick of you! Love you, baby!In one year, you’ve given me a lifetime’s worth of love and happiness. Happy 1st Anniversary to the most amazing husband ever.Happy One-Year Anniversary to my smart, kind, talented, and impossibly sexy husband! Being married to you is even more wonderful than I imagined.

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband. After being married to you for a year, I’ve decided I’m keeping you forever!

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband. I’ve decided that I’m keeping you forever!Congrats on surviving me for a whole year. I’ll give you your reward later.We’ve been married for 365 days, and I’ve loved every second of it. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful hubby!

Happy 1st Anniversary, baby! After 365 days, I still can’t get enough of you.Happy One-Year Anniversary to my wonderful husband.

They say time flies when you’re having fun. That must be why the last year has flown by so fast.

1st wedding anniversary pictures

The past year has been the most amazing year of my life. That’s because I’ve been married to the most amazing man in the world. Happy 1st Anniversary, baby!

Happy 1st Anniversary! May our trust and love keep growing with the passing of each year in both good times and bad!

This may be our first year together, But the start of a lifetime of wonderful memories and tons of love. Happy First Anniversary!

Happy first Anniversary to you two love birds. Know that you’re always in my thoughts and prayers.

May you enjoy a happy married life, not just for years but for eternity. Stay together forever. Happy first wedding anniversary.

It was a lovely year with you and I would like to have another 100 years like this with you. Happy 1st anniversary sweetheart!

1st Marriage Aniversary Wishes:

This section contains some good kind of happy 1st-anniversary wishes that we have collected from all over the internet. These wishes are the best and unique that you can ever find on the internet. These wishes are not merely to wish a happy anniversary but to give a great message about love and relationship. So, what are you waiting for? Just select the best one from below and send it to your favorite couple.

I am so lucky to have a husband like you who is so caring and loving to me. You mean a lot to me. Happy first anniversary, dearest husband!

Dear Wife, Congratulations on achieving the very first milestone of our married life! All I want is to grow old with you!

We may have fought over silly matters, but in the end, it’s the love we share, that emerges victorious! Happy 1st Anniversary!

1st-anniversary-wishes-for-partnerFrom the deepest corner of my heart, I wish both of you a very happy first anniversary. May you enjoy everlasting happiness in your life!

Congratulations on the accomplishment of your 1st year of marriage without any fighting. May you both be together with peace and love!

May your marriage be bestowed with happiness, joy, love and companionship for all the years of your life! Have a nice 1st anniversary my Friend!

We will stay forever this way, love. Happy first wedding anniversary, dear better half.

Here is to another 99 anniversaries to us, dear. I love you, Happy 1st wedding anniversary, darling.

You are an inspiration to people for maintaining everything so gracefully! Happy first Anniversary.

On the day of your first anniversary, all I wish that the love, trust and companionship between you two may prosper in the coming years of your life.

One beautiful year you have spent together, And hope in future, many good wishes you gather. Happy first wedding anniversary!!!

1 year of oneness you both have shared, And I pray that for one another you always care!! Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

On your first wedding anniversary I wish this, That your life may always bloom in bliss!! Happy Wedding anniversary!!

May your love grow year by year, Because now you have just completed a year!!! Happy Wedding Anniversary!

1st wedding anniversary photos

Hand in hand you have spent one year, Hope towards the best, your life you steer!! Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!

May plenty of wishes come your way, Not just for a year but forever, together you stay!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

You first anniversary you can’t spent alone, Without the wishes I send are known!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

You tied a knot one year ago, And hundreds of years, I wish, together you go! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Bed of roses I wish for you two, I pray, together, thorns you shoo!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

Wish you a very happy first anniversary, But treating us for the same is also compulsory!!

1st Wedding Anniversary Messages:

Sending the first wedding anniversary message to those people that are close to you is a special thing that shows your love and care that you have in your heart for them. So, these mentioned anniversary messages will help you. So, select the best one and show your heartwarming feelings towards them.

Made your lives one just a year before, And promised to love each other to the core!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Be one all your life, A very happy wedding anniversary to you and your wife!!!

It is just the first and a lot more you have to see, Here is where I wish a very happy wedding anniversary with glee!!!

Enjoy to the fullest your first anniversary together, Don’t forget to soak yourself in the pleasant weather!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Wish you two a lovey first year, And hope, for each other you always stay dear!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Flawless one year hope you have spent, To celebrate, use the flowers of various scent!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Her smile defines you and your smile defines her, And happily you have completed a year!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Always stand by each other’s side, No matter how harsh is the tide!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

One year of incredible love, May this stay for years to come!!! Happy first wedding anniversary!!!

Not just love but also friendship you have shared this year, May this grows every day and every moment!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Together we have finished one year of our marriage and the whole year has been magical with you. Now, the second year starts and I would want to say, I love you.

Happy 1st anniversary to the lovebirds. From now, can we expect that now you guys will be available for us as well?

So many sweet memories of your wedding are still in my mind, and it’s one year now, which is divine. With lots of love, I wish both of you, happy anniversary!

A happy marriage happens with the contribution of both partners. It’s great that you guys have finished your first year of marriage with love. We want to see you going for many more. Happy Anniversary, and keep smiling.

1st wedding anniversary cake images

Well, I hope you had a year full of different kind of experiences and many more to come. Wishing you a very happy 1st anniversary!

First anniversary is also the first many but this is special because this happened together, I hope many more years of happiness for you, happy 1st anniversary!

A year has gone celebrating love, happiness, togetherness and promising each other to stay together for long. Happiest 1st anniversary!

Honeymooning is almost over as one year has passed but this one year has given zillion memories to cherish them forever. Happy 1st Anniversary!

Wishing you happy 1st anniversary, may all your dreams come true and I wish that you celebrate every day with each other happily!

Wishing you tons of happiness and ample days to party and keep celebrating your anniversaries but your first one is the special one. Happiest 1st anniversary!

1st Wedding Anniversary Quotes:

Show your gratitude and respect towards your sister-in-law and brother-in-law with the help of first wedding anniversary quotes that we have listed below. These first marriage anniversary quotes will convey your true feelings towards them and will show how much you are devoted to them. So, go through with these 1st year anniversary quotes and wish them.

Since you are beside me I have always been very happy. Happy 1st relationship anniversary dear!

Thank you for holding me through everything and anything. Happy first anniversary to my adorable girlfriend.

Words simply cannot tell how much I love you. Happy first anniversary to my beautiful!

Every single day of the 1st year was so new and exciting to me. Thanks for being in my life. Happy 1st anniversary!

The first year of being married to you has been magical. Every single day, I couldn’t believe that I was waking up next to the most beautiful woman in the world. I better get used to that, eh? Happy first anniversary, sweetheart.

It’s been a year since our wedding, but it feels like we got married just yesterday. I’m glad I made you mine forever. Happy first anniversary!

They say that the first year of marriage is a sign of how the couple’s remaining life will be. It looks like we’re in for a blissful, exciting, and romantic time for the rest of our days!

Even after one whole year of getting married, I still think that I’m dreaming. How else could I have managed to find a wife as beautiful as you?

If you have brought so much sweetness and love into my life in the very first year of our marriage, I wonder much sweeter the rest of my life is going to become. I love you.

Here’s raising a toast to 365 days of pure happiness, bliss, joy, love, cuddles, and fun. Here’s to history repeating itself in the years to come!

Just like wine tastes better with age, the love that binds our relationship is going to grow deeper and deeper as the years pass by. Here’s a toast to a beautiful marriage and a beautiful wife.

Let’s top off the first 12 months of a wonderful marriage by celebrating our first anniversary. I love you a lot, and, if the first year is anything to go by, our lives are going to be one big celebration of love and romance.

Decades later, we’re going to remember this day when we raised a toast to a beautiful life ahead. And we’re going to pat ourselves on the back for being one of the happiest married couples ever! Happy first anniversary, honey.

The most precious gift that God has ever given me is you, dear husband! Congratulations on our first year of married life! It was wonderful to share all the things with a person like you. I hope our love will remain the same forever!

Last year, on this beautiful date two wonderful heart had united. Congratulations on your first year of togetherness! You love and respect each other which is very important in any relationship. May you always be happy like this! God bless you! happy 1 year anniversary

My dear wife, happy 1st wedding anniversary! I may not be that expressive but I know that you can feel how much I feel for you. I just hope that till my last breath I will find you next to me. Love you!

1st wedding anniversary wishes images

The luckiest person is he/she who finds a true friend in his/her life partner. Undoubtedly I’m one of that luckiest person. My girl, happy 1st wedding anniversary! May our bond becomes even stronger every day!

My dear love, I’m so grateful to God for making you, my spouse. You are one of the most important parts of my life without whom I’m incomplete. This last year was the most beautiful year of my life. May our love only increase day by day! Happy 1st anniversary!

My son and beautiful daughter-in-law, congratulations on your 1st year of the wedding! I’m thankful to the Almighty that my son has found the best partner in his life. Wishing you both an amazing and memorable day!

Congratulations to us for our successful one year of marriage! On this special day, I want you to know again that, I’ll always be there for you. I’ll never leave your hand and no matter what comes, my love for you will never be less.

1st Marriage Anniversary Status:

In this last section, we have provided some first marriage anniversary status that you can use to update your Instagram story, Facebook story, Facebook status, Whatsapp status, etc. These special and beautiful lines are undoubtedly the best 1st wedding anniversary for Facebook status that will make this day memorable for your love. You can send these lines to your girlfriend or lover through a simple SMS or by any social networking site. You can also add some of your own thoughts in these lines which will give your messages a sweet personal touch. So, scroll down and select the best status for your wife or lover.

One year of togetherness to the most beautiful couple, wish you lots of happiness and love. Loads of hugs, happy 1st Anniversary!

Finally you were able to spend one year together which means you can survive each other forever. Happy 1st Anniversary to the lovely couple!

From sharing towels and to endless burps and farts, we are growing together. I love you hubby, Happy 1st Anniversary!

To one amazing year of food, dressing like bride and groom we are celebrating one year to us. Happy 1st Anniversary, Love you forever wifey!

Happy first anniversary to you my love. We have spent an incredible year, and there are many to come.

Sending you lots of love and happy thoughts during this amazing milestone in your life. A 1st anniversary deserves recognition as it only happens once in a lifetime.

The year has flown by, we are sure, and you have grown closer and even deeper in love. Happy anniversary!

Cheers to a beautiful moment, all the best for both for you and here’s wishing for a blessing and loved filled future that is waiting for you.

Your anniversary should have been a monthly and not a weekly affair, for having just one day in a year is just not enough to show each other how much you care. Happy anniversary.

First Marriage Anniversary Message SayingsFirst Marriage Anniversary Message Sayings

We know it had its moments and it was not always easy, but you’ve made it through year one. Congrats and enjoy your special day together!

Congratulations on your 1st year wedding anniversary! May your love for each other grow as tall as the mountains and as deep as the ocean.

May plenty of wishes come your way, Not just for a year but forever. May you continue to grow older and happier together.

1st wedding anniversary messages for husband

The first year of being married may be tough but you guys make it look so easy. I am blessed to be a witness to your beautiful journey.

Whatever you do and wherever life takes you, never underestimate the power of honesty, love and friendship. Happy 1st anniversary.

You two have great chemistry and good harmony. Your marriage is like a beautiful song. Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary to two great friends- you two are a match made in heaven. Happy anniversary.

They say the moon is the reflection of the sun- but your marriage shines as bright as the sun itself. Here is a wish of love and joy for the best couple I know… happy anniversary!

An anniversary is a time to celebrate today’s moments of joy, yesterday’s great memories, and share hopes of tomorrow. Wishing you both a happy anniversary and many more to come.

Wishing you both another awesome year together. Congrats on your wedding anniversary.


So, this was the best collection of 1st wedding anniversary quotes, wishes, messages, and status. Hope you would love this collection. You can share this collection on various social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy 1st wedding anniversary in advance. If you have any other special experience then you may share it with us in the comment section below.

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